Terrible photo – excellent meeting! Tanya and Chris have formed a new alliance, and vowed to end unpaid internships for good in 2019. Will your firm join us to help make it happen?


Graduate Fog has made a distinguished and influential new friend – Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE.

Lord Holmes’ path first crossed with that of Graduate Fog founder Tanya de Grunwald last year, as the former Paralympian joined the ranks of those of us who have a serious problem with the fact that too many unpaid internships are still happening in the UK, exploiting those who do them and excluding those who can’t afford to do them.

But the pair had never actually met – until today. Sadly unable to attend the autumn meeting of the Graduate Fog Employers Club, Lord Holmes (Chris) instead suggested Tanya joined him for a cup of coffee at the House of Lords.

Needless to say, Tanya was there like a shot, spending over an hour with Chris (and his guide dog, Lottie). During that time, the pair agreed that it’s high time unpaid internships were ended once and for all, and they are now putting together a plan to make that happen in 2019.

While the details are yet to be announced, one thing is certain: Tanya and Chris will welcome the help of all the many great UK businesses who binned unpaid internships long ago, and are now in a position to state why paying interns is a much better idea. If that’s you, listen out for a call soon…


Tanya, Chris and his guide dog, Lottie – can this trio end unpaid internship for good, next year, with the help of the UK’s best employers of young people? Only a fool would bet against them…