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TOM DE GRUNWALD (cousin) Lead – Digital & Membership


JOLYON MAUGHAM QC – Campaigning barrister and founder of the Good Law Project says: “Tanya is a dynamo, tirelessly championing young people’s rights to fair pay and decent jobs. The irony is that most of what she’s achieved, she’s done unpaid. So, I’m thrilled that the Good + Fair Employers Club is proving so popular with big firms keen to show they care about their young staff.” (Photo: Jo with Tanya at the Rustat Conference, Cambridge, 2018)

LIZ BINGHAM OBE – Corporate diversity champion and former Partner at EY says: “I never doubted Tanya’s ability to get things going. Like me, she loves shaking things up – and waking people up – but she also wants to create real change. Launching a club for responsible employers who care deeply about the issues affecting young job seekers is a brilliant next step towards real action. I’m impressed by the calibre of the big brands that have already stepped up and joined the Good + Fair Employers Club. Having championed diversity and inclusion in the corporate world for many years, I’m pleased to see it firmly on every big employer’s agenda now. The Club’s tagline: ‘The UK’s best firms for young people’ says it all. I’m delighted to see an appetite for collaboration among big employers, and happy to help Tanya and her team in any way I can.” (Photo: Liz at the Good + Fair Employers Club winter lunch, January 2020).

PROF DR GER GRAUS OBE – Global director of Education, KidZania, says: “I am more than happy to join the advisory board for the Good + Fair Employers Club. I applaud Tanya for what she has achieved so far in discovering not one but two niches – first with Graduate Fog and now with the club. She has a gift for discovering hidden communities, bringing people together and energising them to trigger social action and lasting change. I’m not surprised the club is proving popular – the best firms will quickly recognise that it is special. No-one else is doing anything like this – and certainly not with the expertise, enthusiasm, heart and soul that Tanya and her team bring to it.” (Photo: Ger at the Good + Fair Employers Club autumn training event, October 2018, where he was a guest speaker).

DR IWI UGIAGBE-GREEN – researcher and lecturer on race, education and employability at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: “I am truly honoured to be joining the advisory board for the Good + Fair Employers Club. Tanya is an amazing social justice activist and has achieved incredible wins for young people through her fantastic, impactful work. She is a force to be reckoned with and I could not be more delighted to be on her team! It is a testament to her that she recognises the need for companies to engage purposefully and intentionally in meaningful discussions about race and racism. I hope to contribute to the ongoing success of the Good + Fair Employers Club by sharing with members my expertise on race and racism – in the context of the early talent space – to contribute to the collective responsibility that we all share in developing an inclusive, anti-racist culture within our workplaces.’


JANENE SPENCER – Designer (flyers and other artwork)

LAURA MCDONALD – Web developer