Our Members’ Winter Lunch started 2020 with a bang – with some of the UK’s best employers of young people coming together to discuss their biggest successes (and their most pressing challenges) over a meal at the Delaunay restaurant, in London’s Covent Garden. For us, this lunch was an extra special event – being the first under our new name: the Good + Fair Employers Club.

We welcomed guests from Accenture, Channel 4, Google, KPMG, Lloyd’s of London, EY, AstraZeneca, BT, the NHS Leadership Academy and Wunderman Thompson, as well as corporate diversity campaigner Liz Bingham OBE, one of the Club’s advisory board members.

The discussion covered a wide range of topics. Members compared notes on adjusting their metrics for social diversity within their workforce, and debated what is meant by ‘personal authenticity’ at work. Liz Bingham also spoke to the group about her predictions for the evolution of the relationship between big firms and activism over the coming decade – on issues such as climate change and diversity – and whether pressure for firms to behave responsibly will come from above (board level and shareholders), below (as Generation Z and millennials work their way up) – or both!

Looping this back to recruitment, we discussed the impact of the ‘new normal’ of fast-paced social, environmental, economic and political change on brands – and therefore their employer brand. How can big firms prepare to step up and respond to what’s on the horizon – and make sure they’re on young people’s side, as well as the right side of history?

Of the lunch, Tanya de Grunwald, founder of Good + Fair Employers Club, said:

“As always, we witnessed instant camaraderie and community between our Members at our Winter Lunch. Even when you’ve never met before, it’s clear you have a huge amount in common – not just your role titles, but also your outlook and enthusiasm. We continue to be inspired by the open, humble and positive attitude of all our Club Members, and your extraordinary appetite for looking to the future and staying ahead of the conversation.

“Whilst already doing exceptional work to make your organisations fairer and more welcoming to young people from all backgrounds, you refuse to rest on your laurels – acknowledging that the landscape is continually shifting beneath our feet, and there will always be more to learn. Thank you for so generously sharing your challenges, solutions and ideas with honesty, energy and good humour!”

Photography: Jas Lehal jaslehalphotography.com


L-R: Jacqui Hall (AstraZeneca), Sally Scales (NHS Leadership Academy)

L-R: Adam Isle (AstraZeneca), Mark Hassan-Ali (Wunderman Thompson)

L-R: Liz Bingham OBE, Yasmin Mehmet (Channel 4)

Tanya de Grunwald (Good + Fair Employers Club)

Victoria Webster (EY)

Ben Carpenter (Google)

Nuno Pereira (KPMG)

Annie Casey (Accenture)

Sian Carter (Lloyd’s of London)

Freya Guthier (BT)

Liz Bingham OBE

Joan Moore (Accenture)

Tanya de Grunwald (Good + Fair Employers Club)

Sian Carter (Lloyd’s of London), Nuno Pereira (KPMG)

Tom de Grunwald (Good + Fair Employers Club)

Yasmin Mehmet (Channel 4)

Mark Hassan-Ali (Wunderman Thompson)

Adam Isle (AstraZeneca)

Victoria Webster (EY)

Ben Carpenter (Google)

Sally Scales (NHS Leadership Academy)

L-R: Freya Guthier (BT), Sian Carter (Lloyd’s of London)

Jacqui Hall (AstraZeneca)

Tanya de Grunwald (Good + Fair Employers Club)

L-R: Mark Hassan-Ali (Wunderman Thompson), Adam Isle (AstraZeneca), Tom de Grunwald (Good + Fair Employers Club), Freya Guthier (BT)

Our goodie bags…

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