Foxtons – ‘the London estate agency’ – has become the first company from the property sector to join the Good + Fair Employers Club, our coalition of the UK’s best employers of young people.

The estate agency takes its place alongside 12 of the country’s most forward-thinking organisations, including Google, Accenture, EY, Santander and the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, who meet regularly to discuss the burning issues affecting early careers teams, and share challenges and solutions around these.

LEADERS IN EARLY CAREERS Good + Fair Employers Club members have to pass a test to get in (Yes – we’re that picky about only including the best firms!)

TAKE A SEAT AT THE TABLE! Foxtons will join all our Good + Fair Zoom sessions from now on and we look forward to welcoming them in person at our Autumn Leadership Lunch in September (photos from our Spring Leadership Lunch in May, at Quo Vadis in Soho, London)

While acknowledging a public perception that estate agents are all ‘red trousers and pinkie rings’, Georgina Lansdale, Foxtons’ director of talent acquisition, insisted that the industry is modernising, and Foxtons is keen to be at the forefront of the much-needed changes. She told us:

“The Good + Fair Employers Club immediately stood out to us for its focus on championing young people, and improving both the candidate and employee experience. Foxtons takes pride in our young, diverse workforce, so we felt an instant affinity to the club and its members. We’ve already seen the benefits of the sessions run by Tanya and look forward to collaborating and sharing ideas with other leading UK employers of young people.”

ATTITUDE AND ENTHUSIASM Georgina Lansdale recognises that joining the Good + Fair Employers Club is a smart investment for Foxtons

Tanya de Grunwald, founder of the Good + Fair Employers Club and its sister website Graduate Fog, said:

‘It’s no secret that the world of estate agency has had an image problem for some time, and I probably had some of my own preconceptions about Foxtons before meeting their early careers team (sorry, George!). However, I was impressed with what I’ve heard about the changes they’ve made already, and their goals for the future, and I’m delighted to welcome them to the Good + Fair Employers Club.

‘The first big ‘tick’ is that they have been following the Graduate Fog campaign to #StopExitFeesNow – in fact, Foxtons heard about the club after seeing my posts on LinkedIn. Although they have no direct links with the companies that have been charging large exit fees to graduates who leave in less than two years, they agree that the fees are highly problematic, and applauded my efforts to raise awareness.

‘Second, I really respect their willingness to acknowledge reality. It was them who raised their industry’s image problem – not me – and they fully accept that the property sector, and specifically estate agency, has a way to go in terms of modernising, especially around improving diversity and inclusion.

‘Third, I appreciate their enthusiasm and attitude. The Foxtons team have already started to make changes, but they know there is a lot of work to do. As they aren’t a bit firm – only 1,200 people – they want to use their resources wisely, by learning from other employers, who are ahead of them on the journey.

‘And fourth, I recognised real leadership from them. They want to improve their own company, but they also want to help to raise standards across their entire industry. That is the kind of leadership that I love to see.’

Welcome to the club, Foxtons!