The University of East London (UEL) has become the second university to join the Good + Fair Employers Club, hot on the heels of Royal Holloway, University of London. Already throwing themselves into the club’s activities, representatives from both universities have stepped up to speak directly with employers at the club’s next session, which promises to be a lively one…

TOO GOOD TO KEEP SECRET Sure that session will be highly valuable, we’ve decided to make the report available to all UK universities who are brave enough to read it(!). Contact us to add your name to the list

Our club’s founder and CEO Tanya de Grunwald spotted Cherise Basslian, Director of Careers and Student Enterprise at UEL, speaking at an industry event last month. Tanya says:

“My ears pricked up when Cherise said that 70% of UEL’s students are from black or other ethnic minority backgrounds, 70% were from lower socio-economic groups, and 45% are the first person in their family to go to university. By the time she’d finished telling us about the pioneering work that her team are doing on inclusion – such as working with employers to boost UEL students’ conversion rates from application to offer – I’d decided that she is definitely one of us, and I was keen to meet. Cherise signed up to become our second university member on the spot – something I wasn’t expecting, but am very happy about!”

Of joining the club, Cherise says:

“University of East London are so pleased to be the second university member of the Good + Fair Employers Club. We look forward to working with like-minded employers and universities who are committed to evolving early talent recruitment, equipping graduates for success in Industry 4.0 and ensuring equity and inclusivity.”

ONE OF US Cherise Basslian, Director of Careers and Student Enterprise at the University of East London

The development comes as the Good + Fair Employers Club establishes itself as the freshest and most exciting network for the UK’s best employers of young people, having announced five new employer members in quick succession earlier this year: Virgin Media, Greene King, Nationwide, N Brown and NBCUniversal.

As with the club’s employer members, our university members are asked to agree to a values checklist before they can join the Good + Fair Employers Club. This includes pledges on diversity and sustainability, a commitment not to advertise illegal unpaid internships to their students and graduates, and to follow the debate (and upcoming legal action) on graduate scheme exit fees.

While the Good + Fair Employers Club remains primarily a forum for early careers teams within big UK firms to share their challenges and solutions with one another, founder Tanya de Grunwald feels that the club’s wider mission – to make the world of work fairer and more inclusive for young people from all backgrounds – will be accomplished faster if other key stakeholders are involved, including universities.

The vast majority of Good + Fair Employers Club events – including our confidential Coffee Mornings and new, smaller ‘Huddle’ sessions – will remain exclusively for the club’s employer members. However, university members will receive the reports from all these sessions, including highly valuable, up-to-date insights about what the UK’s best firms for young people are talking about, their priorities and their sense of direction from here. University members will also be welcome to attend the club’s Training Breakfasts (where external speakers join us), and any other sessions where a university perspective would enrich the discussion.

Welcome to the club, UEL!

University Membership of the Good + Fair Employers Club isn’t right for everyone, and this will never be a mass market product. However, if you work for an enlightened institution and have a genuine wish to deepen your understanding of the conversations that the UK’s best employers of young people are having, please contact us for more information.