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On Wednesday 4 May 2022, the Good + Fair Employers Club reunited for our Spring Leadership Lunch – our first in-person event for more than two and a half years! We were delighted to welcome representatives from all our member organisations, who assembled for a day of high calibre conversation (plus a delicious meal and a lot of laughs!).

High enthusiasm on the day (and attendance! Literally everybody who RSVP’d came) shows that there is a huge appetite for bringing together like-minded people for premium events like this. We look forward to continuing all the these conversations at our Autumn Leadership Lunch, scheduled for early September.

Good + Fair Employers Club members have received a report capturing the content from all three discussions we held during the day (on branding, retention and the art of leadership) which is also available for them to download in The Vault. If you’d like to get a sense of what the event was like (or you’re nosy and want to see who was there!), click to see our photo gallery.

* NOT A MEMBER YET? Click here for more information about the Good + Fair Employers club, and contact Tanya de Grunwald via LinkedIn to arrange a meeting to discuss whether the club is right for your team. Membership is open to big brands who pride themselves on being a ‘good and fair’ employer of young people, and are doing good work on diversity, social mobility and mental health (but recognise that there is always more to learn). We look forward to hearing from you…