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Graduate Fog Employers Club – Members’ Summer Lunch
Monday 24th June 2019
The Groucho Club, Soho, London

From the Club’s founder, Tanya de Grunwald:

“Our second lunch event was another big success! We were proud to welcome the UK’s top employers of young people, including Google, Channel 4, KPMG, Royal Mail, Santander, EY, the Financial Times, J. Walter Thompson, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Discovery Education. Retention was the hot topic of our round table discussion (good news for me, as it’s the theme for our autumn event). Also under the spotlight was the challenge of fostering entrepreneurialism in young hires, and the pros and cons of rotational programmes (and how to manage push-back from those who don’t want to move on!). As ever, the group agreed that exchanging solutions to shared challenges was enormously valuable and productive.

“After the main course, I unveiled plans for our autumn media campaign to end unpaid internships in the UK, once and for all. For this, I was delighted to introduce Nat Whalley, director of the online campaigning platform Organise, and James Williams, broadcaster and celebrity booker (James organises the annual GQ Awards) who will both play crucial roles in the campaign. First, I reminded our Club Members that although the corporate world has generally ditched the practice of unpaid internships – understanding its impact on diversity and inclusion – too many unpaid positions still remain in the UK. Next, I underlined why blocking young people from opportunities is not only bad for them, it is also bad for society as a whole. And finally, I explained how our new campaign will unite good employers, young people, industry leaders, celebrities and influencers, and social impact organisations, to make unpaid internships a thing of the past.  As I’d hoped, the group was hugely enthusiastic about our plans (thanks for the applause!) and we have already kicked off discussions with several Club Members who are keen to show their support and get involved. We’ll be in touch with you all in the next week or two, so keep an eye on your inbox.

“Thank you again to everyone who came to the lunch, bringing your energy, ideas and good company. We run the Club – but you are the Club, and we can’t do it without you! See you all in October for our autumn event How to keep them happy: Retaining your young, diverse talent in 2020 and beyond. Further details to follow soon.


Photography: Jas Lehal jaslehalphotography.co.uk


Laura Boswell, Channel 4

Susan Jang, Royal Mail

Jessica Noon (Google), James Gordanifar (EY)

Alex Howell (KPMG), Beth Freemantle (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

(L-R) Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times), Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog)

Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog) and Michael Tonge (AstraZeneca)

Imogen Padget, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Alex Cosby, J. Walter Thompson

Iain Gallagher, Santander

Michael Tonge, AstraZeneca

Matt Malone, KPMG

Kimberley Rowling (BT), Randel Bryan (Discovery Education)

Alex Cosby (J. Walter Thompson), Laura Boswell (Channel 4)

Christian Murguia Sanchez, KPMG

Tom de Grunwald (Graduate Fog) Amalia Illgner (Graduate Fog), Susan Jang (Royal Mail)

Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times), James Gordanifar (EY), KImberley Rowling (BT)

Laura Boswell, Channel 4

Jessica Noon, Google

Randel Bryan, Discovery Education

Kimberley Rowling, BT

Clare Tomkins, EY

Matt Malone, KPMG

Priscilla Baffour, Financial Times

Tanya de Grunwald, Graduate Fog

Michael Tonge, AstraZeneca

Christian Murguia Sanchez (KPMG), Alex Cosby (J. Walter Thompson)

Matt Malone (KPMG), Jane Dennis (BAE Systems)

Alex Howell, KPMG

Iain Gallagher, Santander

Michael Tonge (AstraZeneca), Beth Freemantle (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

Alex Cosby, J. Walter Thompson

Alex Howell (KPMG), Jessica Noon (Google), Matt Malone (KPMG)

Laura Boswell (Channel 4), Tom de Grunwald (Graduate Fog) Amalia Illgner (Graduate Fog) Susan Jang (Royal Mail), Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times)

Jessica Noon (Google), Matt Malone (KPMG), Jane Dennis (BAE Systems Applied Intelligence), Imogen Padget (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

Imogen Padget, Enteprise Rent-A-Car

Susan Jang (Royal Mail), Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times), James Gordanifar (EY)

Jane Dennis, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Christian Murguia Sanchez (KPMG), Alex Cosby (J. Walter Thompson)

Clare Tomkins, EY

Randel Bryan (Discovery Education), Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog), Iain Gallagher (Santander)

James Gordanifar (EY)

Clare Tomkins, EY

Susan Jang, Royal Mail

Nat Whalley (Organise), James Williams (freelance celebrity booker, GQ Awards)

James Gordanifar (EY), Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times)

Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog), Priscilla Baffour (Financial Times)

Nat Whalley (Organise) and James Williams (freelance celebrity booker, GQ)

Amalia Illgner (Graduate Fog)

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