A representative for NBCUniversal – the media and entertainment conglomerate – has praised the ‘freshness’, ‘energy’ and ‘warmth’ of the Good + Fair Employers Club, having attended several sessions since joining us earlier this year. Nicky Badrick, Early Careers Manager at NBCUniversal, said:

“NBCUniversal is proud to have joined the Good + Fair Employers Club alongside so many other fantastic employers of young people. We’ve already attended several sessions and love the freshness of the topics, and the warmth and energy from our fellow members. With so much happening in the early careers space and the wider world, it’s a brilliant idea to collaborate with other like-minded firms, to share ideas and solutions.”

Since joining in January, Nicky and her NBCUniversal colleagues have taken part in several group sessions, chipping into the discussion with questions and insights. Although the firm benefits from a strong and recognised brand, their UK team is not large, and Nicky says they share the same desire as many other employers of young people – to make sure they recruit talent from a wide variety of backgrounds (which is harder than you might think!). Nicky also relished the challenge of making sure NBCUniversal meets all the club’s values, as laid out in our new member checklist.

NBCUniversal owns a portfolio of media and entertainment brands including NBC, Universal, Dreamworks, and E!, and an international network of Universal theme parks.

Tanya de Grunwald, Founder and CEO of the Good + Fair Employers Club, said:

“We are so excited to have NBCUniversal on board – and I’m thrilled that Nicky and the team have thrown themselves into our group discussions, sharing challenges and solutions with their fellow members who hold the same values. The entertainment industry remains an exceptionally popular career for young people, so it would be easy for employers in that world to neglect their responsibility to being ‘good and fair’ because, frankly, they can get away with it. That’s why it means so much to have NBCUniversal join the Good + Fair Employers Club, alongside existing member Channel 4. In my opinion, these are the firms that are leading the way on youth employment in the entertainment world. They’re doing it because they want to, not because they have to.”

Welcome to the Good + Fair Employers Club, NBC Universal!

CHIPPPING IN Nicky (bottom row, seventh from right) spoke on behalf of NBCUniversal during our recent discussion session with universities

LET’S HUDDLE Nicky also attended our session about the Kickstart scheme (top row, far right)