Nationwide Building Society have set records by throwing themselves into Good + Fair Empoloyers Club sessions only days after joining the club.

The firm’s early careers champions Hannah Middleditch and Jon Hull both attended our February session The Big Sift: How are the UK’s best employers of young people managing the surge in applications this year?, with Hannah stepping up to share insights from Nationwide, alongside fellow members Nicky Ivory-Chapman (Channel 4), Gavin Sutton (Ogilvy), Kaneesha Banker (Vodafone), Lucy Hegarty (GSK) and Ben Carpenter (Google). After the session, Hannah told us how valuable and reassuring it had been to hear from their peers across a wide range of top UK employers of young people, saying:

“Nationwide is proud and excited to have joined the Good + Fair Employers Club. As firms face big questions about how to identify and recruit the young people we need going forward, a forum where we can all compare notes is exceptionally valuable. It’s certainly a cathartic way to spend an hour over a virtual coffee! The sessions feel fresh and fun, and the contributions from the fellow members provides vital insights and ideas for us to take away.”

ONE OF THE GANG Nationwide’s Hannah Middleditch (top row, second from right) threw herself straight into the club, stepping up to kick of the discussion at our February session, just days after joining

Tanya de Grunwald, founder of the Good + Fair Employers Club and author of How to Get a Graduate Job in a Pandemic said:

“We are so pleased that Nationwide made such a decisive move to join the Good + Fair Employers Club, and are already engaging with our lively, values-driven community by joining the session that happened days after their membership was signed off!

“Without realising, they have also been instrumental in creating a new type of session we are piloting, after suggesting a discussion about the Kickstart Scheme. As this topic is relevant to around half of our members, we’ve decided to run this as a ‘Huddle’ session – a new format with the tagline ‘One small group, one big question’. We’ve always been comfortable with the idea that our offering will evolve as our membership grows – in fact, we want our members to continue to shape the content and service that we provide. As we like to say to our members: ‘We run the club, but you are the club!’ We know all our members will join us in giving Nationwide a very warm welcome, and we look forward to hearing more from them in the months to come.”

MAKING THEIR MARK A request by Nationwide has prompted us to trial a new format of discussion. The tagline for the new G+F ‘Huddle’ session is ‘One small group, one big question’