The Club’s autumn 2019 event was titled “How to keep them happy: Retaining your young, diverse talent in 2020 and beyond”. We’d like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the discussion – and to Trainline, who kindly hosted the event at their Holborn HQ.

As always, the debate was lively – with our Club Members demonstrating their typical frankness about their challenges, and generosity with sharing solutions. We are so proud to have built such a warm and collaborative community of like-minded HR professionals. Guests included David Smith (Trainline), Donna Taberer (BBC), Ben Carpenter (Google), Grace Jeffrey (NHS Leadership Academy), Kirsten Doherty (Accenture), Liz Liddle (Arriva), Rebecca Minter (Cancer Research UK), Marco Bardino (Enterprise Rent-A-Car), Rachel Saxon (National Theatre), Lee Curtis (Selfridges), Lorna East (Hearst UK) and Cherry Cooke (Experian).

Graduate Fog Employers Club Members can download the White Paper Report capturing the entirety of the evening’s discussion – including a long list of solutions ideas for improving your retention rates among young hires. Thank you again to everyone who helped to make this such a valuable session – and see you at our Members’ Winter Lunch in January 2020!

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(L-R) Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog) Liz Liddle (Arriva)

(L-R) Sudan Furbert, Joan Moore and Jothi Bhachu (Accenture)

Ben Carpenter (Google), Grace Jeffrey (NHS Leadership Academy)

Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog)

David Smith (Trainline)

Donna Taberer (BBC)

Ben Carpenter (Google)

Grace Jeffrey (NHS Leadership Academy)

Kirsten Doherty (Accenture)

Rebecca Minter (Cancer Research UK)

Liz Liddle (Arriva)

Jessica Stanley (Experian)

Helen Oakes (Cancer Research UK)

Rachel Saxon (National Theatre)

Lee Curtis (Selfridges)

Marco Bardino (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

Lorna East (Hearst UK)

Donna Taberer (BBC)

Joan Moore (Accenture)

Rachel Saxon (National Theatre)

Cherry Cooke (Experian)

Kathryn Geraghty (National Theatre)

Thank you to Club Members Trainline, who kindly provided welcome cookies and tea, and drinks and nibbles after the discussion

(L-R) Laura Jamieson (Accenture), Zoe Langston-Blass (Graduate Fog)

(L-R) Helen Oakes and Paige Guilfoyle (Cancer Research UK), Tanya de Grunwald (Graduate Fog)

(L-R) Jothi Bhachu, Kirsten Doherty (Accenture)

Sudan Furbert (Accenture)

Jothi Bhachu (Accenture)

(L-R) Becky Minter (Cancer Research UK), Amy Shepherd (Amy Shepherd Consulting)

David Smith (Trainline), Jothi Bhachu (Accenture)

Kirsten Doherty (Accenture), Jessica Stanley and Cherry Cooke (Experian)

Amy Shepherd (Amy Shepherd Consulting), Max de Grunwald (Trainline)

Because everyone loves a goodie bag! See you next time…